Silver Rainbow LGBTQ Club of Hampton Roads

The Silver Rainbow LGBTQ Club of Hampton Roads aims to improve the lives of older LGBTQ adults in coastal Virginia.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: LGBT friendships are one of our community’s greatest assets and one that Silver Rainbow aims to build upon and grow.  Silver Rainbow monthly activities bring old and new friends together for friendship and fun and help build our community network.

SUPPORT: LGBT people are less likely to have children to help us as we age, many of us need support from outside sources.Silver Rainbow will access existing LGBT friendly community resources and services, and create new LGBT run support systems where we can take care of our own.

LIFELONG GROWTH: While getting older can be challenging, it is also a time of opportunity.   Travel, fitness, volunteering, and intellectual engagement keep our bodies, minds, and spirits active and engaged.   By tapping into the knowledge, skills and interests of our members and allies, Silver Rainbow will expand opportunities that keep older LGBT people a vital part of the community.

ADVOCACY: Silver Rainbow members and our allies offer a great deal of life experience and will be able to influence political, economic, and social systems that affect LGBT seniors.

Membership is free and open to interested persons of any age, sexual orientation or gender expression.


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