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The Searing Dickson Group has been crafting customized financial solutions for clients since 2011.  Our mission is to create, preserve and manage wealth for our clients. To meet the goals and objectives of our clients, we develop wealth management strategies and provide portfolio management services. Utilizing a foundation of friendship, trust and confidence helps us to build lifelong client relationships. We believe we can provide solutions to life challenges in addition to helping our clients manage their portfolios.

We help our clients avoid the investment pitfalls that occur when reacting to market turbulence. A disciplined approach to financial markets that are often volatile is critical. We want our clients to be able to sleep peacefully at night with the confidence that we are watching over their money as if it were our own.

Our investment philosophy is to provide clients with a total financial solution. In addition to helping chart a destination, we ensure that the method of getting there satisfies the client’s needs. A financial plan should last for years – not weeks or months.

When investing for our clients, we believe: Asset allocation is key. Diversification is essential.

Starting with an initial investment strategy meeting, we will work closely and continually with each client, and with the client’s legal and tax advisors,  as appropriate.

Success is measured by the achievement of goals and objectives. We will allow time and compounding to produce long-term returns and intended results—not timing or aiming to outwit the market.

It is critical to use investment strategies that can minimize risk.

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440 Monticello Ave 20th floor
Norfolk, VA 23510 USA

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