HRBOR Legislative Statement

Hampton Roads Business OutReach (HRBOR) is Virginia’s oldest LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. HRBOR promotes the LGBTQ community’s impact in our region through business ownership, workforce equality, active consumerism, and creating prosperity to support equality, diversity, and inclusion. We are dedicated to serving our members through advocacy and support of their economic and business interests. HRBOR represents over 125 businesses in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

1. HRBOR believes that the Commonwealth of Virginia should be “Open for Business.” Being Open for Business requires that any business open to the public, be open to all the public with no discrimination based on race, sex, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, color, and genetic information. We fully support the Virginia Values Act and the federal Equality Act as well as the Equal Rights Amendment.

2. HRBOR supports legislation that will further the Commonwealth of Virginia’s competitive standing in the national and global economy. These include revising the Right to Work law, opposing the gross receipts tax, updating state and local tax structures to foster economic growth and entrepreneurship, initiatives and policies to support small business job creation, incentives that target future growth industries, and supporting an increase in the minimum wage.

3. Hampton Roads is an area that relies heavily on tourism and the military. HRBOR supports the building of new infrastructure that will modernize our transportation systems and cyber technology. We fully support efforts to alleviate traffic congestion, update and expand our ports, update and expand our internet capabilities as these benefit both businesses and workers.

4. HRBOR seeks to foster education and workforce development. High performing K-12 schools, higher education, and trade schools foster economic opportunity and growth. We support funding in education to ensure that our workforce has the skills and tools to compete in the future global economy.

HRBOR’s 2020 legislative statement has been approved by the HRBOR Board of Directors. This document outlines the Chamber’s position on four critical issues affecting our members and the larger business community. We look forward to working with our members, local government organizations, and the General Assembly to ensure continued prosperity in Hampton Roads.

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